Round 2: 2-Man Championship

The final round of the Senior League 2-Man Championship is an 18 hole, 2-man best net ball. In this best-ball competition two players play as one team. Each player on the team plays his own ball for each hole, then the lower of the two net scores is recorded as the team net score for each hole. Your final 18 hole score will be added to last weeks score and the team with the lowest combined score will be the Flight winner. RULES: 1. No Mulligan’s: no hitting a second shot on any hole, without a penalty stroke being assessed. 2. All lost balls are played as a lateral, i.e., mark your reference point, where it entered the deep grasses, measure 2 club lengths from that point, no closer to the hole, drop you ball from knee high, take 1 penalty stroke and hit your ball. You have only 3 minute time limit to search for your lost ball. 3. Preferred Lies in the Fairway. This means you can lift, clean and place within one club length balls in your own fairway and 6 inches on the fringe of the green, no closer to the hole. 4. Free drop if your ball rests on a root, rock or in the mulch next to a tree. A ball resting in footprints, water, rocks, etc. in sand traps can be lifted and dropped in the sand near the footprint, etc. 5. Do not move the ball in the rough, 1-stroke penalty, also: 1-stroke penalty for hitting the wrong ball. 6. Maximum score per hole: 6 for par 3; 8 for par 4; 9 for par 5. However, when posting your scores for handicap purposes you must use the net double bogey. 7. No putts are to be conceded, however, putts measured by oneself and are within 18 inches can be conceded, all others must be putted out! 8. Please record start time and end time at the bottom of the scorecard, failure to do so will result in a 1 stroke penalty for each player in the foursome. All players in the first group that is beyond 4½ hours from their start will suffer a 1-stroke penalty. All players in the first group beyond 4 ¾ will suffer a 2-stroke penalty.

Sep 16, 2020
Shotgun Start: 8:30 am