Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Why does my handicap on the roster differ from my handicap the scorecard?
The roster shows a handicap index, which is not tied to any particular course or set of tees. When you play in a match, this handicap index is used along with information about the course and tees to calculate your course handicap, which is what you see on the scorecard. For more information about the USGA handicap index and course handicaps, please see USGA's website.
I didn't finish a few holes, how do I enter my score?
According to the USGA rules, partial rounds should be entered and may contribute to your handicap if you completed enough holes. Just leave the skipped holes blank on your scorecard when you enter the score and the system will automatically handle this situation.
Some of my scores don't show up at all in my handicap calculation, why is this?
There are a few reasons this might occur. Unattested league scores typically do not count toward league handicaps. Similarly, an incomplete round be ineligible for a handicap depending on how many holes you completed. Such league scores should display with an orange background on the Results/Scores page. Another reason you may see this behavior is when you have a single 9-hole score contributing toward an 18-hole handicap -- it needs another 9-hole score to be paired with before it will show on your handicap calculation page.
I had a really bad round. Why did my handicap remain unchanged after the bad score was entered?
GolfLeagueSite follows the USGA Handicap Formula Within this formula, all scores do not affect your handicap. For instance, the formula only counts your best ten scores out of your most recent twenty. If you have fewer than twenty scores entered, then it has specific rules for which scores count based on how many scores have been entered. In plain English, some of your really bad scores will not factor into your handicap. For this reason your handicap may not increase after a really bad round but will likely decrease after a really good round.
Why did my league handicap index change so much between my first and second matches?
Your league handicap index for your first match may have been based on some initial information that you provided prior to the season. Once you actually played an attested match, it is possible that the information you provided is thrown out and your new league handicap index is based solely on the single round you played.
Why is my USGA handicap blank?
You probably have an insufficient number of scores in the system. You need at least five 18-hole rounds to obtain a USGA handicap index (Note that two consecutive 9-hole rounds will be paired to form an 18-hole round).