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We host the Valley’s best bombers for 300+ yards and 2 miles of total flight. Men's, Women's and Senior Men's Divisions. Signups online starting Friday. It’s $35.

We have 23 spots total (15 men, 4 women, 4 seniors). We will open them up Friday to our veterans first. Then on Monday, they open up to everyone else. Sorry for the loyalty, but people have been with us for 6 years — and they hit the ball far. If you jump the gun and sign up early, you’re refunded and banished to putt-putt courses. For Men’s play — here’s the thing about the Long Drive: If you can hit it 310 in July heat with the wind and downhill — it will not cut it in this. To not embarrass yourself in front of Tippe’s toughest crowd, you need to hit it 300 when you toe it, and 310 uphill into a wind in February, and 325 yards when you just roll out of bed. So please: space is short, as is our pride. Use the above guidelines to decide to enter. It’s a tough walk back to the parking lot for the guys who crush it 290 yards.