Founded in 2014 with just a single league, GolfLeagueSite is a website designed to manage golf leagues and tournaments. The site can be used to maintain:
  • Rules
  • Rosters, divisions, and teams
  • Handicaps
  • Schedules
  • Standings
  • Scores
  • Results
  • Prizes
  • Statistics
GolfLeagueSite is the only golf software company that builds completely custom scoring systems, allowing you to maintain your existing league format exactly as it is. There are automation facilities to award prizes (skins, low gross/net) as well as generate an entire balanced round robin schedule. The site also allows for individual users to maintain their WHS handicaps and track their scores and statistics. Click here to learn more about the structure and framework behind GolfLeagueSite.


GolfLeagueSite is mobile-friendly, which puts all of this data right at the fingertips of your golfers at all times. Additionally, the live scoring app enables electronic scoring during play along with a live leaderboard. For more info on the app, including a demo video, click here.


To take a quick tour of the site, watch this short video.


GolfLeagueSite increases league member retention rates by an average of 8% (data is from 2042 survey responses). This means that golfers are 8% more likely to play again next season if your league uses GolfLeagueSite! To see what customers have said about GolfLeagueSite, check out the online reviews.


There are a couple different ways you can begin using GolfLeagueSite to manage your leagues and tournaments. Click here to see your options for getting started.


For any other information or to get started with a free trial, contact us.