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  • Applies to all divisions but the Open Divisions
  • All players playing Sunday have a shot at Greatest with our Sunday Restart format
  • Finalists, based on their 36-hole finish, will start Sunday at -2, -1, or even based on their division size
  • Leaders after Saturday's 36th hole will be awarded $100 for winning the qualifier round
  • Open Divisions will continue to play a 54-hole cumulative
  • The event is Fri., Sat and Sun — Aug. 13-15.
  • You play Sunday ONLY if you are in the Top 25% (or so) of your division. That % is approximate. Don't go MIT Scholar on us with the final number.
  • We will announce the course lineup July 4th. But don't be goofy about "where." You're playing great courses with (mostly) great people. Just sign up.
  • We will start selling out divisions by July 20. Your risk if you wait. 20 players never got in to 2020 due to waiting.
  • Your final division should be determined by your Aug. 1 skill level. You can sign up now and change by then. If you're going to a higher handicap division, we'll want proof of your implosion, of course.
  • Handicap verification starts July 15. ALL PLAYERS are encouraged to police the player registration. You will be secured like witness protection if you alert us to a player who might be out of their skill level. Email
  • Farmers National Greatest Golfer is a destination tournament. Wherever you're from: Come enjoy the best amateur tourney in the Great Lakes.
  • We have added 16-19 and 20-24 hcap divisions.
  • We will add play at Reserve Run as part of Friday Day 1, and Links at Firestone Farms on Day 2.

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