You are viewing the roster from a previous season; however, the handicaps shown are current

† Denotes simulated scores were used to build handicap

Number Team Golfer Handicap Index
1 Bruffey/Jones Brian Bruffey 5.1N
Chris Jones 4.9N
2 Creamer/Epperly Mike Creamer 11N
Dan Epperly 2.8N
3 Demarest/Dodd Hunt Demarest 5.9N
Billy Dodd 2.3N
4 Didion/Mills Mike Didion 8.7N
Eric Mills 7.5N
5 Giddy Up! Paul Austin 4.8N
Frank Tedeschi 3.4N
6 Glazier/Leizear Mike Glazier 4.7N
Frank Leizear 8.7N
7 Hall/Dukes Don Hall 5.8N
Charlie Dukes 5.3N
8 Harrison/McDonald Buster Harrison 6.9N
Dave McDonald 10.3N
9 Hauptman/Hauptman Bill Hauptman 4.9N
Kyle Hauptman 11N
10 Herbstromer/Portalea John Herbstromer 6.3N
Jorge Portalea 10.3N
11 Lewis/Saia Russell Lewis 5.7N
Marty Saia 3.5N
12 Loar/Scates Rob Loar 7N
Cary Scates 4.2N
13 Menzi/Menzi Paul Menzi 8.8N
Kyle Menzi 11N
14 Old School Pete Arcidiacono 6N
Mike McDonald 3.5N
15 Ols/O'Maille John Ols 7.8N
Conor O'Maille 3.5N
16 Thompson/Thompson Marshall Thompson 6.1N
Randy Thompson 6.6N
17 Woolls/Villella Jim Villella 6.4N
1 Sanctioned Substitute Justin Craver 11N
2 Sanctioned Substitute Frank Tedeschi 3.4N