20-point handicapped 2-player scramble system

Built May 20, 2020



2-golfer team format that uses a team handicap and plays captain's choice match play for 9 holes. Each hole constitutes 2 points in the match and the low net total score gets an additional 2 points.


This system is designed for use in 9-hole leagues

Score Type

Captain's Choice (Scramble) - 2-4 player captain's choice (scores only affect league handicaps)

Measured By

Points - The standings for this scoring system are dictated by a points system, where each team can earn points in each event based on their performance.


Team - Each golfer on the roster competes on a team.

Scoring Format

Match - Each team competes against another team in each event

Team Scores

This scoring system uses team scores only (e.g. captain's choice), it does not maintain individual golfer scores


  • Team Only Gross
  • Team Only Net

Used By

This scoring system is used by Salem Heating & Cooling Scramble League