Mack's 20-point system

Built Mar 14, 2023



2-player team format that uses a 20-point scoring system in a nine hole match with cumulative net match play. Teams will compete for 2 points for each hole won (awarded to the team with the lower combined net score) and then 2 points for the most holes won. Ties split points.


This system is designed for use in 9-hole leagues

Score Type

Standard - Rules of Golf followed on a rated course during its active season

Measured By

Points - The standings for this scoring system are dictated by a points system, where each team can earn points in each event based on their performance.


Team - Each golfer on the roster competes on a team.

Scoring Format

Match - Each team competes against another team in each event

Used By

This scoring system is used by Mack's Golf League