Rattlewood Ladies system

Built Mar 21, 2019



Individual format where the game rotates through 4 different formats throughout the season.


This system is designed for use in 18-hole leagues

Score Type

Standard - Rules of Golf followed on a rated course during its active season

Measured By

Money - The standings for this scoring system are dictated by prize money earned in each event throughout the season.


Individual - Each golfer competes on an individual basis, without any teammates.

Scoring Format

Field - Each golfer competes against the entire field in each event

Used By

This scoring system is used by Rattlewood Ladies League

Children Scoring Systems

This is a "parent" scoring system that has the following "children" scoring systems under it


General format for a variety of the games where golfers play their own ball throughout the round.

Captain's Choice

Standard 4-player captain's choice format

Low Putts

Lowest putts wins


1 point for net par, 2 points for net birdie, 3 points for net eagle