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Definition: Disaster, a k a Trouble, is a points game in which the winner at the end of the round is the player (or team) that has collected the fewest number of points. That's because points are "awarded" for bad shots. Hit a ball out of bounds, that's a point. Points in Disaster can be given any value, and what earns a point can vary from group to group - it's up to you. But a common point system is as follows: • Water ball - 1 point • Out of bounds - 1 point • In a bunker - 1 point • Failing to get ball out of bunker - 1 point • 3-putt - 1 point • 4-putt - 3 points • Hitting from one bunker into another - 2 points • Whiff - 4 points


This system is designed for use in 9-hole leagues

Score Type

Standard - Rules of Golf followed on a rated course during its active season

Measured By

Points - The standings for this scoring system are dictated by a points system, where each golfer can earn points in each event based on their performance.


Individual - Each golfer competes on an individual basis, without any teammates.

Scoring Format

Field - Each golfer competes against the entire field in each event

Parent Scoring System

This is a "child" scoring system under the Waverly Woods Cup Points System 2019 "parent" scoring system