Odd Fellows

Built Mar 29, 2019



Definition: Odd Fellows is a variant of a Hate 'Em where you choose three holes and subtract them from your total. The difference is: you get to choose your three holes AFTER you golf instead of before. The three holes must be a par 4 and a par 5.


This system is designed for use in 9-hole leagues

Score Type

Standard - Rules of Golf followed on a rated course during its active season

Measured By

Points - The standings for this scoring system are dictated by a points system, where each golfer can earn points in each event based on their performance.


Individual - Each golfer competes on an individual basis, without any teammates.

Scoring Format

Field - Each golfer competes against the entire field in each event

Parent Scoring System

This is a "child" scoring system under the Waverly Woods Cup Points System 2019 "parent" scoring system