† Denotes simulated scores were used to build handicap

Number Team Golfer Handicap Index
1 Fore Skins (Steve and Mike) Steve Ricketts 13.6N
Mike "reverend" Petruzzelli 5.4N
2 Mike D and Jim I Jim Ihnatiuk (Iggy) 12.2N
Michael Dooley 12.8N
3 Stogeys and Bogeys (Alex and Jesse) Alex Fitch 9N
Jesse Fallesen 7.3N
4 Team 1 (Greg and Tim) Gregory Gottermeier 7.4N
Timothy Reilley 11.9N
5 Team 2 (Fritz and Glen) Fritz Gunther 14.1N
Glen Hallett 16.3N
6 Team Joe and John Joe Petracca 17N
John LaFave 8.2N
7 Team UIS (Kasey and Joe) Joseph Latorre 5.6N
Kasey Cooper 4.5N
8 Temp Team Name 2 (Tracy and John) Tracy Lupinetti 12N
John McCabe 9.9N
9 Temp Team name 3 (John and John) John Hultz 7.2N
John Reina 17.3N
10 Temp Team Name 4 (Pete and Lori) Pete Schaub 8.6N
Lori Hosmer 21N
11 The Putts Brothers (Fred and Paul) Fred Rion 13.7N
Paul Schwartzman 11.8N
12 Two Hand Hammer (Matt and Mike) Matt Hammersmith 1.6N
Mike Munski 3.5N
1 Regular Substitute Fake Sub 1 (do not select this sub) 1.4N
2 Regular Substitute Fake Sub 2 (do not select this sub) 0N
3 Regular Substitute Fake sub 3 0N
4 Regular Substitute fake sub 4 0N