Fox Hollow Mens Golf Club System

Built Feb 27, 2021



Individual format where golfers earn points based on their net score


This system is designed for use in 18-hole leagues

Score Type

Standard - Rules of Golf followed on a rated course during its active season

Measured By

Points - The standings for this scoring system are dictated by a points system, where each golfer can earn points in each event based on their performance.


Individual - Each golfer competes on an individual basis, without any teammates.

Scoring Format

Field - Each golfer competes against the entire field in each event

Count Best

This scoring system only counts the best 8 events for each golfer

Used By

This scoring system is used by Fox Hollow Men's Golf Club

Children Scoring Systems

This is a "parent" scoring system that has the following "children" scoring systems under it

Flighted Net Stroke Play

Mutable flighted format using net stroke play to rank players


This is a 4-person team event. On each hole your team will count 2 net balls. On holes 1 through 16, one of the net balls must be from the person in the box: -- Player A Holes 1-5-9-13 Player B Holes 2-6-10-14 Player C Holes 3-7-11-15 Player D Holes 4-8-12-16 -- On holes 17 & 18 your team may use any 2 low net balls.

Modified Stableford

Flighted individual format where players earn points based on their net scores: 8 points for net eagle or better, 4 points for net birdie, 2 points for net par, 1 point for net bogey, 0 points for all others

Net Best 3 Balls

4-man team format where each hole counts the net best 3 balls.

Match Play

Each pair in a foursome plays 6 holes of net 1-on-1 match play for a total of 6 matches over the 18 hole round. Each hole is 1 point.

Solo Match Play Against Net Par

Each golfer plays match play against net par in an 18-hole round

Triple Combo

2-player team format where scoring changes every six holes. First 6 holes: 2-person net scramble, middle 6 holes: net best ball, final 6 holes: alternate shot. A team handicap (80% of the average handicap of the 2 players) is used for all 18 holes.

Singles Match Play

Singles matches are played in a net match play format for points.

Net Best 2 Balls Shamble

4-man team format where each hole counts the net best 2 balls.